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New Inventory

Below you will find our current new unit inventory. Simply click the Stock # or the unit image to view the unit of your choice in more detail.

Our inventory turns quickly, especially this time of year, so if you do not see what you are looking for give us a call. 


Bunkhouse Travel Trailers
Stock #:  0033 Length:  33'11"  rv status
Year/Make: 2018 Connect Price:  $AT FAIR!
Model:  281BH     

Stock #:  0036 Length:  35'11"  rv status
Year/Make: 2018 Sportsmen Price:  $AT FAIR!
Model:  323BHK     

Stock #:  0018 Length:  20'6"  rv status
Year/Make: 2018 Sportsmen Classic Price:  $Call!
Model:  180BH     

Stock #:  0003 Length:  36'10"  rv status
Year/Make: 2018 Sportsmen LE Price:  $Call!
Model:  332BH     

Stock #:  0014 Length:  37'6"  rv status
Year/Make: 2018 Wildwood Price:  $AT FAIR!
Model:  32BHI     

Stock #:  0001 Length:  36'  rv status
Year/Make: 2019 Connect by KZ Price:  $Call!
Model:  312BHK     

Stock #:  0016 Length:  25'9"  rv status
Year/Make: 2019 Flagstaff Micro Lite Price:  $AT FAIR!
Model:  25BRDS     

Stock #:  0006 Length:  32'11"  rv status
Year/Make: 2019 Wildwood X-Lite Price:  $AT FAIR!
Model:  282QB     

Stock #:  0009 Length:  31'5"  rv status
Year/Make: 2019 Wildwood XLite Price:  $Call!
Model:  263BH     

Non-Bunkhouse Travel Trailers
Stock #:  0002 Length:  21'9"  rv status
Year/Make: 2018 Flagstaff MicroLite Price:  $Call!
Model:  21FBRS     

Stock #:  0010 Length:  33'1"  rv status
Year/Make: 2018 Wildwood Price:  $AT FAIR!
Model:  27REI     

Stock #:  0025 Length:  31'2"  rv status
Year/Make: 2019 Connect Price:  $AT FAIR!!
Model:  261RL     

Stock #:  0004 Length:  35'  rv status
Year/Make: 2019 Flagstaff Price:  $AT FAIR!
Model:  30WRLIKSV     

Stock #:  0007 Length:  18'10"  rv status
Year/Make: 2019 Sportsmen Classic Price:  $Call!
Model:  160RBT     

Stock #:  0015 Length:  26'11"  rv status
Year/Make: 2019 Wildwood Price:  $Call!
Model:  241QB     

Fifth Wheels (5th Wheels)
Stock #:  0040 Length:  25'4"  rv status
Year/Make: 2018 Sportsmen Price:  $AT FAIR!
Model:  231RK     

Stock #:  0005 Length:  34'7"  rv status
Year/Make: 2019 Sportsmen Price:  $AT FAIR!
Model:  302BHK     

Toy Haulers
Stock #:  0021 Length:  21'7"  rv status
Year/Make: 2019 Sportsmen Classic Price:  $AT FAIR!
Model:  180TH     

Park Models
Stock #:  0020 Length:  40'10"  rv status
Year/Make: 2018 Wildwood DLX Price:  $Call!
Model:  39FDEN     

Stock #:  0008 Length:  41'0"  rv status
Year/Make: 2018 Wildwood Lodge Price:  $Call!
Model:  395RET